A New Tool for Presentations

I am giving a parent session at our upcoming EVAC conference.  That is the Eastern Venezuela Athletic Conference.  My school, Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz is hosting this year and the organizers have decided to include a parent strand. My assistant and I will be discussing the importance of reading to and with your children and then showing them how to use our library catalog.

I was trying to decide how many slides would be sufficient in a powerpoint to explain how to use Destiny, our on-line catalog.  Emily, our super literacy coach, introduced me Screencast-o-matic.  I am in heaven!!!!  It is so easy.  I opted to download the program as our internet connection can be slow and I want to be able to work on it at my convenience.  You simply put the frame around the portion of your screen that you want to record.  Then push the record button and start talking and clicking.  When finished you push the done button.  Viola!  You have the option of saving to Screencast, Facebook, or YouTube.  I uploaded to YouTube and them embeded the video onto the library homepage.

I will be able to steer parents to the webpage and the video so they may view it as often as they need in order to access our catalog.  The hope is that more and more parents and students will start using our system more.  I will definitely do more of these screencast to explain other resources within Destiny.